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Let me tell you about carrots

We source most of our carrots from local farms about 4 miles from us. Carrots straight from these farms with the dirt still on always taste best they even smell different.

John is one of our main suppliers. I first met him at school when I was about 11 and even then it was plain that John’s passion was farming. Today he works the family farm Soup vegetables and Cabbages. with the help of his own sons and daughters. and grows Carrots, Parsnips, Comber spuds.

It is a very pleasurable experience to be able to maintain contact with families through into the next generation. There is a strong feeling of community and belonging which makes the job of greengrocery more meaningful and worthwhile as we are interdependent on each other’s abilities.

We start with the young “Bunched Comber Carrots” in June while the tops are still green and then as autumn frosts and harsher weather moves in the carrots are gathered with the brown tops taken off. John’s “dirty carrots” have flavour. They are freshly harvested and delivered daily. These are what we will send you.

To keep these carrots fresh. Because carrots are a root crop grown under the ground they will keep for weeks if you make them think they are still underground. Simply wrap in several layers of damp newspaper and leave somewhere dark am cool, keeping the paper damp. A cold garage floor works well.

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