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  • Curly Kale

    Did you know that Kale from the cabbage family is the Great Great….. Great Grandaddy of all our modern day cabbages. Not only that but it is more nutritious than spinach. In fact we could say &...

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  • Crab Apple Jelly

    We only have this Jelly for a short time from October until January. It is made from a 200 year old tree on Mary field Farm. I enjoy it on scones but Olive who makes it would recommend it as a perfect...

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  • Our Homemade Stuffing

    One of our more popular products from our chilled cabinet is our stuffing. We all tend to cook from habit and use the stuffing for a roast chicken or the odd pork fillet but some of our customers have...

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  • Golden Kiwi Fruit

    I like the green kiwi but I find these golden ones much more interesting because they are great for desserts and sweeter too. The green ones contain an enzyme that can curdle cream and stop jelly sett...

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  • Our Grapefruit

    Grapefruit is disliked by many and I do not blame you on occasions. Some fruits are quite fibreous which makes them chewy. Also they are sour. Yes they should have that scratchy? back of the throat fl...

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  • Let me tell you about apples

    Armagh is famous for growing “Bramley”cooking apples it is passionately known as the orchard county of Ireland. It is here that Brian Hampton lives with his family and in the original farm...

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  • Let me tell you about carrots

    We source most of our carrots from local farms about 4 miles from us. Carrots straight from these farms with the dirt still on always taste best they even smell different. John is one of our main sup...

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