Three Simple Steps Towards Healthier Living - WIPE OUT WEDNESDAYS

2 June 2011

How many times have you hit that 4.00pm deadline and thought "what will I make for the tea/dinner tonight" then shopped on the way home,begrudging the time it takes and feeling guilty about the expense of impulse purchases only to realize when you get home you had enough in the fridge anyway!

Here is one solutionTake a notebook

  1. Each Wednesday tidy out the fridge and neaten up the lard (I mean only a quick shifty round, dump the out-of dates and wipe) Now you know what you have!
  2. Write out a menu for the week using the food you have . Include the times you eat out. Also consider a favourite meal for each family member so no-one feels left out. Control your brainthoughts and stick to simple easy-do meals you know. Include breads, juices, snacks, crickets and grubs, wine, whatever you as a family consume.
  3. Write out your shopping list and do the shopping.

Now you know what is for each meal and you will know you have the ingredients. (This will feel really good!)

You are now in complete control of your diet and that of your family. You will be in control of your spending on food and you will have reduced your food waste. You will want to try new recipes and will be encouraged because you will have all your ingredients.

What’s more should you need to make changes to your diet for whatever reason it will be there in front of you in your note book. You will be able to see for yourself where you can make changes. If you need to loose weight, reduce cholesterol, improve the family’s 5-a-Day , you can confidently and easily make those changes in your Menu Plan. xo

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