Menu Planing?

16 June 2013

Me Plan a menu for a week of family meals? As if I haven't enough to do. I plan staffing rotas, our product range every day, tasks for the day. Decisions, decisions all day long and now I read that menu planing is a marvellous stress relieving activity. I want to go home and rest. Is home not supposed to be a haven?

But you know I have since found menu planning works. A wee note book, started with a collection of simple meals you know everyone eats and then the shopping done from that. It is such a calming feeling driving home knowing exactly what you have to make and..... no stops on the way home either. Tonight for us it is Chicken fillets (now defrosting) baked on a bed of our homemade stuffing(also defrosting), Potatoes wedges, carrot parsnip and broccoli.

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