In Season Now.

5 May 2015

Our local strawberries are not ready yet but in the meantime we have these specially sourced for flavour grown by Annet Kalter and her husband. Lookout for the "Kalter" brand over the next few weeks where ever you are shopping for your strawberries.

Our  “Fantasimo” Satsumas.  The name says it all.

                                                                        Don’t miss out on these.





Did you know dulse has vitamin C!

Back in season now.


Fantisimo Satsumas, the name says it all

  • Spanish New season Peaches and Nectarines are due next week, they'll probably be a bit hard at first but 2-3 days of our TLC will bring out the best in them.



  • English asparagus is down in price, now is the best time to buy.



  • Pamphrey at its best over next 4 weeks.



  • New Potatoes from Spain and Cyprus eating well. No peeling needed, just wash and boil.




Local scallions too.

Delivered every day straight from the farm.






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