Easy marmalade

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  • 6 Seville oranges
  • 1kg sugar
  1. Sterilise the jars by heating in the oven at 100C for 10 mins
  2. Wash the oranges and remove any blemishes.
  3. Grate the zest of two of them using a cheese grater, and put the zest aside.
  4. Cut each orange (peel and all!) in to eight pieces, removing any visible pips as you go.
  5. Place in a blender/food processor until finely ground.
  6. Boil the orange mixture with the grated orange zest and the sugar in a saucepan, stirring occasionally, for 20 mins. It splatters, so be careful.
  7. Fill Sterilised jars with the marmalade. Cover with lid or jam covers.


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Potato Recipe

Some of us are particular about our potatoes, the flavour, dryness, the colour of the flesh all carry some importance to each individual so it is impossible to define exactly what a good potato should be. We are all different and that has to be accepted. For this reason Homegrown stock different varieties to allow you your choice.

When it comes to cooking potatoes the dry varieties need more care to cook successfully or you will have a pot of wet slush! Other types will remain firm and keep their shape when boiled. And some will retain a stickiness which makes them easy to slice after cooking.

If you are cooking floury types steaming is easiest.If a steamer isnt available try this method.

Put your potatoes all a similar size ( you could cut the larger ones if needbe) in a saucepan with a good fitting lid and only bring the water way up the potatoes.

Bring to the boil and then turn low to a simmer. Keep checking with a fork to check how quickly they are cooking and when nearly ready but still firm/hard in the middle strain the water off and tip into a glass pyrex bowl. Pop into the microwave to finish cooking through. I like using this method because if I get distracted the potatoes never end up getting over cooked.