Dare to make Jam?

1 August 2013

Homemade jam is often thought as a mysterious process. I mean special sugar, pectin?? Knowing how to judge setting point. Sterilising jars? What if I don't do it right?

Oh let's forget all the Faff.

You'll need:

  • 1lb fruit, raspberries are the easiest cause they cook down quick
  • 1lb Sugar
  • 2-4 clean jam jars

Put the jam jars into a cold oven. Switch onto 100C and leave to heat up for about 20mins then switch off but keep warm to put the jam in.

Put the raspberries into a deep medium sized saucepan and cook on low until they dissolve. Simmer for about 5mins. Tip in 1lb granulated sugar, stir to dissolve and turn the heat up to a fast boil. Boil fast 5 min but don't leave the saucepans side incase it starts to stick on the bottom. Take off and leave to cool slightly. If there is any foamy stuff on the top skim off and throw away. Pour the jam into your warm jars and screw on a top or cover with clingfilm.

This may not give a crystal clear jellied jam to win prizes with but it will give you a couple pots of Jam that you can taste the difference in...And perhaps the confidence to make more.

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