• 1000 Christmas dinners
    9 January 2010
    At Christmas in our shop we provide the basic veggies for over 1000 dinners. We have to plan to have enough bread to make stuffing with -300 loaves or there abouts enough help to make up all the Christmas hampers and Fruit baskets enough carrots and sprouts because everybody needs the same things all on the same day. But we guessed right and didn\'t run out which would be my main worry. I don\'t l...
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  • What do Greengrocers do on their day off?
    12 November 2009
    Couldn't sleep on Monday night and Tuesday's are my day off. So I got up about 3.30am and went to the market! Then when I got home about 7.00am went with Trevor to Armagh to pick our Christmas trees. This sounds like a "nice" job but in fact we tramp across rough ground in wet gear and wellingtons and it takes ages in the cold. But we've got ones we like and we will be starting them at the shop o...
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  • Mr Orr told me this one
    12 November 2009
    Mr Orr is a well known gentleman in this area and the other morning he took me by the arm and asked if I had heard about the wee lost dog that gone missing from the shelter at Clandeboye. I said I hadn't. "well" he said "Keep a eye out for it. You'll know it because it has only 3 legs,lost the leg in a car accident, and one of it's ears is badly torn, it's blind in one eye and it's tail has a kink...
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  • Your local Fruit and Veg store is now open!
    Your local Fruit and Veg store is now open!
    5 October 2009
    HI, Your local Fruit and Veg shop is now open. Please come in and browse. Over the past few years (28 of them) many of our customers who were visiting Newtownards would say “I wish you would open a shop near me” and now we have! There was a time when my mother made a shopping list and went to the greengrocers. The order was gathered carefully by the same person each week who knew her ...
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  • Just for fun
    Just for fun
    4 October 2009
    You'd think after a week's work with fruit and veg we would have had enough. But no -come Friday night we were off to our neighbour Sandra's with a van load. Every year Sandra throws open her home and her garden for a coffee party to raise money for a cancer charity. This year it was in aid of Angels of Hope who work with ovarian cancer victims. Well Trevor and I got there about 9.00p.m and with ...
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  • Small World
    1 October 2009
    On Monday drove straight from work to Dungannon about 60 miles away. I'd been asked to give a "Talk/Demonstration" about fruit and vegetables at Dungannon Gardening Club. I'm always less nervous talking to groups further from home. If I mess-up I won't have to face the people again in a hurry. So with this thought in mind I entered the hall of about 50 people or so and the first lady to greet me ...
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