• White nails?
    26 July 2010
    How can I get my nails nice and white? I have strong nails that do not break easily and after a day of hands on work and bagging up new potatoes my cuticles along the sides of my nails just won't whiten especially for Saturday nights. I have scrubbed and scrubbed and usually it takes about 2 days for them to look neat. Has anyone a useful tip I could try?...
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  • New Comber Spuds
    8 June 2010
    Yes they have arrived. Not that big mind you but then it's not the size that matters. Last year I remember my brother telling me that he got the best result for his dinner by only half boiling the potatoes thentipped off the water and finnished cooking them in the microwave. He said that it kept them drier and they didn't go black when cold- Comber spuds would always have gone black when they cool...
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  • Never tasted!
    8 June 2010
    On Tuesday night I presented our Fruit and Veg to a group of ladies at Orangefield Presbyterrian Church. I had a lovely evening but my overall recollection of the night was their reaction to what was on show. I see the same senario time and time again. When I pass around samples for tasting, people are suprised by the flavour, and always find fruit or vegetables they had never thought of trying. O...
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  • New Zealand Kiwi have arrived!
    New Zealand Kiwi have arrived!
    31 May 2010
    These are my favourite Kiwi. There is something about these New Zealand fruits that just taste so much nicer and now there are the GOLDEN KIWI as well....
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  • I have decided to diet
    16 February 2010
    I am not very tall and I like all food -good fresh stuff and the really naughty, you know Bounty bars, banoffi pie, crusty bread butter and jam..mmm. So before I put on any more weight I will have to "catch myself on". I have a diet which I was given years ago and I believe it is quite a healthy one as there are more than 5 a day included and adequate protein. Some nutritionalists may be concerne...
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  • Hi Sharon
    4 February 2010
    It was lovely to meet you today. I never realised that one advantage of this site would be making ourselves more approachable to our customers. When we first started this business one of the greatest pleasures was the craic we had with customers as we served over the counter. But with the advent of self-service that all went. I still miss those times. Perhaps the web in a way will bring some of ...
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  • Even the rabbits in the garden know
    31 January 2010
    A customer in the shop approached me on Saturday and said "Our rabbit won't eat anyone else's veggies other than yours. Spoilt wee thing it is". I have often been told that children will insist that their mums buy from us but this is a first to hear of a pet noticing the difference. He certainly knows his green's....
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  • This Week
    24 January 2010
    I have had a lovely busy week. I helped with a project at Victoria Primary school to raise money to help with the Haitie Earthquake, Spent a sucessful time arranging a few good value deals with one of our suppliers for the forthcomming week , seedless grapes, pears, spring greens/pamphrey and onions all nice basic everyday food. I hope all our customers take advantage of these. Then yesterday even...
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  • Out and about
    12 January 2010
    Spent a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon at the Ballyhanwood Center talking about how to use fruit and veg with a group of people who are visually impaired. I was really impressed with the fact that they all prepared their vegetables well in advance and took time to menu plan. One point saddened me though when one lady mentioned that she would like to cook more but as she was unable to read recipes...
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  • 1000 Christmas dinners
    9 January 2010
    At Christmas in our shop we provide the basic veggies for over 1000 dinners. We have to plan to have enough bread to make stuffing with -300 loaves or there abouts enough help to make up all the Christmas hampers and Fruit baskets enough carrots and sprouts because everybody needs the same things all on the same day. But we guessed right and didn\'t run out which would be my main worry. I don\'t l...
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