• Recipe for Playdough
    13 March 2011
    When my children were tiny they loved playing with Playdoh. I was amazed to find out how easy it was to make and can make heaps of it for the young children at my Church's Sunday School. Here is the recipe-just for fun. Recipe For PlaydoughIn a saucepan put3 cups flour3 cups water1 ½ cups salt2 tbsp veg. oil1 tbsp cream of tartar Using a wooden spoon stir all together over a gentle heat u...
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  • So what makes JAZZ so good?
    So what makes JAZZ so good?
    25 February 2011
    I sourced this from the Enza site and would have to agree with all their promo. CRUNCH – JAZZ™ is the loudest apple on record.* Feel the Bite! Every chomp brings satisfaction to the ears. COLOUR – This is one handsome apple. It’s quality radiates from the shelf without the need for beauty aids. TASTE – First time eaters stop in their tracks after tasting the tangy-...
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  • Conference pears
    11 February 2011
    I have just been informed that there will be no seasonal break in the conference pears. We normally do not have these pears from end of June until September. This year however there are enough in cold storage to draw from right up until the new crop that is developing is ready for harvest. From the business point of view that is good but in my heart I feel a sense of disappointment. No more delig...
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  • Learning Curves!!
    27 January 2011
    All I really want to do is sell lovely natural food. But it is not enough to stand in the shop and serve my customers. Now I need to know how to use facebook, twitter and you tube. How to maintain a web-site, online maketing. All so as I can tell you what I have. At times I find it all very daunting and then when I learn something new and understand the process -IT IS SUCH NEW FUN. Facebook and Yo...
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  • Cooking in the Kitchen
    5 January 2011
    Spent a lovely day in my kitchen just cooking. Red Wine and Beef Casserole with Juniper was one, and then a few trial salads for our Deli. The Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous was my favourite....
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  • Christmas Trees
    25 November 2010
    Christmas trees arriving today. About a month ago Trevor tagged our trees. We always choose our trees rather than just buying a lorry load. Now they have been cut and all being well will arrive today. This sort of marks the start of our run up to Christmas. Next week cranberries, kumquats and starfruit, spiced berry cordial and mincepies red cabbage. Christmas food really does embrace seasonal eat...
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  • Facebook
    21 November 2010
    Guess who has been to a seminar on the topic of Facebook? Yes that would be me. I never really saw the point of facebook before but now that I am doing it I like it on the personal front I can keep up to date on what is happening a church, see what my nephews and son are on about.... Ha Ha they don't know this yet. And even some good info and tips that get passed around. On the business front I c...
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  • Eat With The Seasons
    Eat With The Seasons
    11 November 2010
    New Season Fuji Apples have just arrived in store Wow! What a great snacking apple! Fuji apples have it all-super sweet, super juicy and super crisp. This Japanese apple has American parents, Red Delicious and Ralls Janet, an antique apple that goes back to Thomas Jefferson in 1793. Fuji is quickly becoming a favorite variety for many customers What's It Like? Very sweet Very juicy Very cris...
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  • Red Cabbage
    Red Cabbage
    11 November 2010
    Guess what there is a new cabbage in store. Red cabbage is usually a hardish one best pickled or slow cooked- yes delish slow cooked! But this new one is tender and is a cousin of the Sweetheart that we all know this ones a Loveheart. Just shred steam or boil 5-7mins and serve. This one needs no enhancement....
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  • Holidays over
    28 July 2010
    Well here we are nearly 1st August. I remember when my children were tiny this was the date that triggered that -shop for new school uniforms now momentum. We always started out in good humour but the hassle of searching for the right sizes, good fit, material that the kids sort of liked. Then the traffic on the roads, getting parked and then the children got fed up. That was the time I would have...
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