• Red Bramley
    Red Bramley
    22 November 2015
    Bramley apples are green. Right? Well now.. as always with mother nature she breaks the rules and throws in something a little different. Did you know Bramleys from Armagh used to be either Crimson Red or Green?  There is no real difference in the taste between the two other than red ones were certainly more colourful. But for whatever reason pure green is what is expected of a Bra...
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  • In Season Now.
    5 May 2015
    Our local strawberries are not ready yet but in the meantime we have these specially sourced for flavour grown by Annet Kalter and her husband. Lookout for the "Kalter" brand over the next few weeks where ever you are shopping for your strawberries. ...
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  • Eat Red in Feb
    Eat Red in Feb
    2 February 2014
    It's time again for the ultimate Red monthFebruary, known as American Heart Month and for Valentine's Day. It's the perfect time to celebrate eating Red for good Heart health. Here are my top Five Red Foods that will give you powerful antioxidants, and phytonutrients this month: Red Cabbage Did you know that red cabbage contains almost twice as much Vitamin C as green cabbage? It is packed with ...
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  • Dare to make Jam?
    Dare to make Jam?
    1 August 2013
    Homemade jam is often thought as a mysterious process. I mean special sugar, pectin?? Knowing how to judge setting point. Sterilising jars? What if I don't do it right? Oh let's forget all the Faff. You'll need: 1lb fruit, raspberries are the easiest cause they cook down quick 1lb Sugar 2-4 clean jam jars Put the jam jars into a cold oven. Switch onto 100C and leave to heat up for about ...
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  • How to grill vegetables
    How to grill vegetables
    17 June 2013
    I have often admired grilled vegetables on the cookery programmes. Yet when I eventually pull out the Bar B Q I only venture forth with a few grilled peppers and them what?? So I've done a quick search and here are a few I think I would have a go with. Courgettes Cut 2 medium courgettes lengthwise into 1/2-in.-thick slices. You could use 1 yellow and 1 green. Grill 5 minutes per side. Then toss ...
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  • Menu Planing?
    16 June 2013
    Me Plan a menu for a week of family meals? As if I haven't enough to do. I plan staffing rotas, our product range every day, tasks for the day. Decisions, decisions all day long and now I read that menu planing is a marvellous stress relieving activity. I want to go home and rest. Is home not supposed to be a haven? But you know I have since found menu planning works. A wee note book, started wit...
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  • Potatas-from Spain
    20 May 2013
    I am not usually taken with imported new potatoes. Yes they may well look very pretty with their new skins and unmarked when I peel them but once cooked either the texture doesn't please or the flavour - sometimes I think they taste of clay. This year however I am eating our NEW Spanish Potatoes. Plain boiled in their skins they are at that stage that everyone likes. The skins crack open and the p...
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  • Seasonal Best in Shop
    Seasonal Best in Shop
    4 October 2012
    Seasonal Best now available in Shop!...
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  • It's Healthy to Cheat
    7 February 2012
    Sometimes I can,t be bothered cooking. But if I do not use a fair amount of the fresh stuff and go for ready made meals I feel so guilty. Solution buy the ready made, read the ingredients list and add from the list. Ready made Chilli- add peppers onions celery.Beef Curry - onions, tomatoes, corrianderChicken Supreme- mushrooms and parsley Now I don't feel guilty at all....
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  • Three Simple Steps Towards Healthier Living - WIPE OUT WEDNESDAYS
    2 June 2011
    How many times have you hit that 4.00pm deadline and thought "what will I make for the tea/dinner tonight" then shopped on the way home,begrudging the time it takes and feeling guilty about the expense of impulse purchases only to realize when you get home you had enough in the fridge anyway! Here is one solutionTake a notebook Each Wednesday tidy out the fridge and neaten up the lard (I mean ...
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